Commercial Projects
New Ridgefield High School - Redmond, Oregon

The New Ridgeview High School is the first new high school to be built in Redmond, Oregon in 40 years and is designed to support contemporary educational pedigodgy with open, flexible spaces that provide for group learning, sharing information and a sense of community for students and teachers. The facility is 270,000 SF and was also designed with current "sustainable" technologies and has been certified as LEED gold. Designed while at Dull Olson Weeks Architects.

The Sidra Building - Mumbai, India
The Sidra Building is a Mixed-Use condo building in Mumbai, India and is one of the last infill projects in a newly gentrified neighborhood. The program provides for a ground floor space to be occupied by a bank with offices on the second floor and condo apartments above.  The project incorporates the HIndu principles of Vastnu which are similar to Fung Sheu and provide direction for designing a healthy, harmonius spaces. The building also accomodates the specific socitital needs specific to Indian society.